DEMAG AC 250-5

DEMAG AC 250-5

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It is not so long ago that cranes in the 250 ton class found their way to the next job with 6 axles. Even then, the Terex Demag cranes were very compact for their time. Today it is through advances in steel strengths and new opportunities in modern design normal for a 250 ton crane to just require five axles. Basically, it means that the Demag designers have managed to save 12 tonnes. A 6-axle crane puts 72 tons on the road where a five axle crane burdens the road with only 60 tons. Once again the developers in Zweibrucken have succeeded in designing the most compact crane in its class. With its overall length of only 14.40 meters in transport mode, this crane is also extremely manoeuvrable. The crane has 500pk which results in a 85km / h top speed. This means that the crane arrives at his job at the same speed as normal freight .

However, the compact transport dimensions of the AC250-5 does not mean has to suffer in specifications when in operational mode: up to 70 meter telescopic mast ensures high uptime. Optionally, this can be brought to an impressive 102 m with the extension.

The crane has only one engine for both transport and lifting up. This means that savings can be in weight, consumption and investment, but also in maintenance.



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