Mediaco Demag AC220-5

Mediaco Demag AC220-5






3rd quarter 2020

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Product description

With a main boom length of 78 meters, the AC 220-5 has the longest main boom length of any 5-axle crane. Besides being the tallest 5-axle crane around, the AC 220-5 is also the most compact crane in its class with a total length of 14.5 meters and a carrier width of 3 meters.

Just like the AC 250-5, this 1:50 die-cast scale model of its taller brother, the AC 220-5, comes with numerous functions and details. The upper structure cabin can be angled upwards and the side step catwalk of the cabin can be pulled out. This also counts for the four outriggers, which include pads and mats. The ballast and cheek weights are also included.

The detailing is extensive and includes four moveable ladders, blind spot mirrors, roof beacons, and high-quality tampon printing of signs, logos and symbols.

To make this model highly realistic and therefore longer than the 250t, the boom section can be extended up to seven times, which looks very impressive! The boom can be made even longer by connecting the JIB to it. As an option, you can position the JIB in different angles.



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