Demag AC 700-9 Collectors Edition

Demag AC 700-9 Collectors Edition




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4th quarter 2019

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Product description

1. Demag AC 700-9 in scale 1:50

2. Detailed instruction manual and specifications

3. Limited Edition Demag AC 700-9 Chrome Keychain

4. Demag AC 700-9 Frame Set
This diecast Frame Set contains outriggers frame, hooks frame, ballast frame, ballast-base winch frame and straps frame.

5. Limited Edition Book
This is a custom made coffee table book about the history of this magnificent crane.

6. Custom engraved certificate
A dog-tag style certificate, with an engraving of your unique model number and your personal name.

7. Limited Edition Packaging

Note: The Collectors Edition will need to be pre-ordered before November 30, 2018. After this date, production will be closed forever to ensure a unique rarity.



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