Demag AC 700-9 Collectors Edition

Demag AC 700-9 Collectors Edition







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The Collectors Edition will add a unique frame set (which allows for a realistic transport of the various crane components), a limited edition book on the history of the crane, a unique engraved certificate and a limited edition packaging. Our crane model is developed in scale 1:50 and comes with a realistic and dismountable outriggers and SSL system, lifting 6th axle, magnetic main winch cover and outrigger pads storage.

Features scale model
• Boom functional with 100%, 90% and 45% boom extension fixation
• Upper structure cab can be raised and lowered for transport and lifting mode
• Functional swing back upper structure cab with tilting function
• Realistic steering on axles 1,2,3,4,5,7,8,9 for Road Travel, Manually Steering and Crab Steer Mode
• Lifting function of the 6th axle
• Outriggers fully detachable for a realistic transport configuration
• Working and accurate suspension detail
• Fully functional and removable SSL system
• Removeable ladder on the boom head
• Winch keyhole is hidden with a body panel held into place by magnets
• Mainboom cylinders made from brass to ensure a high-quality functionality
• A three and a seven-disk hook is included
• Outrigger pads have functional storage on the inside of the outriggers during transport mode
• Outrigger plates in correct dimension
• Outrigger cylinders with smooth outside surface.
• Accurate, separate solid metal counterweight system
• Realistic interior design including door-panels, back wall and steering
• Realistic interior design including operating sticks, tv-monitor and dashboard



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