25 February 2021

Scania P143E10x4/450 for Holtrop & Van der Vlist

We proudly present the development of the classic Scania P143E10x4/450 for Holtrop & Van der Vlist. Special about this truck is that it came out of the factory as a R143E8x4, after which it was converted into a 10x4 in Sweden. In addition,...

25 February 2021

Wij zijn weer open!

Op zaterdag 20 maart ben je weer van harte welkom

Met ingang van de nieuwe maatregelen, mogen wij vanaf 3 maart weer bezoekers ontvangen. Daarom ben je op zaterdag 20 maart van harte welkom in ons pand op de Peppelkade 23 in Houten. Wij mogen, op reservering, maximaal 2 klanten tegelijk in de...

17 February 2021

New models available!

We received a whole new fleet of scale models, including the following: Do you want to stay up to date on the latest deliveries and news of IMC Models? Subcribe to our newsletter

03 July 2020

41ste editie Truckstar Mack en Speciaal Transportdag verplaatst naar 2021

De 41ste editie van de Truckstar Mack & Speciaal Transportdag, die op zondag 11 oktober zou plaatsvinden op het Borchland-terrein in Amsterdam Zuid-Oost gaat niet door vanwege het coronavirus. Willem Kuiper, organisator van het evenement:...

27 March 2020

Tadano Demag AC 45 City

The Demag AC 45 City in scale 1:50 is manufactured from high quality die-cast metal and comes in the new Tadano livery. This beautiful City crane is available as of today! A full overview of features is listed below. ...

27 March 2020

The tough Mercedes-Benz Zetros in scale 1:50

We are proud to announce the production of a powerful Mercedes-Benz truck in resin etch material. The impressive Mercedes-Benz Zetros comes with a luxury high-quality showcase, a unique engraved plate and a custom made packaging. This heavy...

20 March 2020

Update COVID-19

It’s no surprise more time is being spent on our favorite hobby; we receive many questions about whether we can deliver our models and see a spike in orders. Despite the great pressure and the restrictions that COVID-19 entails, we can (with...

20 March 2020

Somerscales first edition with metal engraved certificate

The impressive Mercedes-Benz Arocs BigSpace 8x4 from Somerscales comes with a new feature. This heavy haulage truck is one of the first truck that comes with a uniquely numbered certificates. The certificate is made of metal and is attached to...

20 March 2020

Yellow Series Nooteboom OSDS44-03 WEB with Truck 2.0

The populair Nooteboom OSDS44-03 WEB Yellow Series semi low-loader is now available as a combination. The semi low-loader is complete with aluminum ramps and spacers for the wheel wells. The combination comes with a Mercedes-Benz Arocs...

03 January 2020

Demag AC 700-9 Collector's Edition, Model of the Year!

Our scale model of the legendary Demag crane has been named model of the year! Our Demag AC 700-9 in 1:50 scale has been successfully delivered to fans and collectors worldwide in recent weeks. The Collector's Edition comes in a high-quality...

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